Camo Overalls // McCalls 7547

Hey Family…..I cannot remember the last time I wore a pair of overalls.  It has to be elementary school age years. But when I saw this overall pattern I knew it was a MUST HAVE in my closet….

I got this McCalls Pattern  some time last year and loved it, but wasn’t sure how it would look on me. So it sat…and sat….ANDDD sat in my pattern collection for a while. While fabric shopping at a local fabric store my eye caught the camo and I knew right then what I was going to make….You guessed it…The Overalls!!


I started to make the overalls and was not feeling it so it soon became a UFO (Un-finished Object).  I’m ashamed to say , but this UFO sat for at least 6 months…I know..I know!! lol I really don’t like starting and not finishing projects so when Michelle Morris of Sewn Mag decided to host a sew along of McCalls 7547 in her Facebook group I knew it was my sign to go ahead and finish my UFO!!



I wanted a more slimming fit so I tapered my pants leg.


I always love adding vibrant colors to my wardrobe. What more fitting than this popping pink..right??!! LOL


I decided to add snaps to my overalls instead of the standard overall buttons.

Camo 26


I love having fun with my clothes. Why??  Because I made it and I can (wink)!! So I added this pleather  fabric at the hem with a cuff.









Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed yourself!

Love you Mucho,



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