Forty ’til 40 // Simplicity 8505

Hey Family…..Let me tell you about look # 11! This vintage caftan by Simplicity.  Now I know your saying……vintage??? Yes, Vintage.  I’ve had this pattern for a minute and every time I see it in my stash I just scroll by, but it continued to stay in the back of my mind.  I just couldn’t see my self in this vintage pattern.  All I could see was the look of grandma going to the grocery store in her caftan. Now don’t get me wrong grandma looked good, but I didn’t know if I would look as good as grandma………. Continue reading “Forty ’til 40 // Simplicity 8505”

Forty ’til 40// McCall’s 6886

Hey Family….Were on look #8 and eight happens to be my favorite numbers. Why??? Well you guessed it….because I was born on the 8th month of the year and the 28th day of that month.  I know..seems a little corny..right! It is….lol  But Hey…It’s the truth!  This looks goes to McCall’s 6886. Can you tell this is one of my favorite patterns. I love a pattern that I can use over and over again to create multiple looks…..Click Here to check out my previous post using this pattern……. Continue reading “Forty ’til 40// McCall’s 6886”

Forty ’til 40 // McCall’s 7745

Hey Family….Were rolling out of spring and into summer and I’m loving it!  I would love it even more if I could really experience the seasons as they change. I live in South Florida and here in South Florida we don’t get much experience of seasons.  Our weather seasons are hot, hotter, hottest, and DAMNNNNNN it’s HOT  If hotter and hottest is a Now as for this dress, it’s perfect for our S Florida “seasons” and will always be in rotation for me…….. Continue reading “Forty ’til 40 // McCall’s 7745”

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