Forty ’til 40 // McCall’s7746

Hey Family……As you may already know I LOVE to wear dresses, but I rarely wear shirt dresses. Why?? No particular reason at all. I just never gravitated to them.  So when  Sew Much Talent Facebook group hosted a sassy shirt-dress challenge I said hey, why not…..

I’m so happy I joined this challenge because the end results of this dress is a winner!  I choose to use McCall’s 7746. What initially drew me to this pattern was the sleeves on view B and the Chinese collar.  But when it comes to dramatic sleeves I’m ALWAYS here for it!! So, let’s take a look at look #27!

DSCN0604 (2)


DSCN0580 (2)

Since making clothes for my self since 2014, I’ve learned so much about my body stature.  One thing I learned was that I have a long torso.  So because of that I had to extended the bodice pieces by 2 inches to accommodate.

DSCN0581 (2)

DSCN0626 (2)

When I cut this pattern I forgot to do a sway back adjustment (which is an alteration I ALWAYS have to do on my dresses).  I was concerned it would not fit properly on the back, but to my surprise it fit like a glove and I was one happy

DSCN0573 (2)

This dress has a drop sleeve which makes the sleeves POP even more.  The construction of these sleeves were very straight forward, however the installation of the sleeves were a little trying.  I would suggest very slow sewing and carefully matching all markings when installing these sleeves.

DSCN0590 (2)

DSCN0588 (2)

Overall, this is a great pattern.  If you have never tried making a shirt dress try using this pattern.  It has a variation of styles and is a great next level type of dress to sew.

DSCN0597 (2)

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did.  I can’t wait to see you again.

Much love and many blessings!



Pattern: McCall 7746


Fabric: Hobby Lobby

Photo Cred: Sadeyah Taylor (My 8yr old daughter)


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