Boho Style Feature for Sewn Mag // Kate & Rose Patterns

Hey Family…I’m so happy to see you. Now let me tell you all about how this look came about.  So, I landed in Chicago checked my phone (as we all do after a flight) and see I have several messages. One off those messages were from the fabulous Michelle of that black chic…… Michelle from Sewn Magazine?? She’s messaging meeeee???………

Now I just knew she messaged me in error. I read the message to discover she’s asking me to be featured in her amazing DIY, sewing , fashion magazine.  So after I picked myself up off the floor and dust my knees off…… I was humbled and honored to be asked to do a feature in Sewn Mag


This look is BOHO chic. I found this printed chiffon fabric from my local fabric store. When I saw the fabric I was like yasssss… I love this! It screamed BOHO to me. But then the other thought in my head was like NOOOOOO you gotta match that So because I love a good challenge I said to my self Let’s do this!!



I used this beautiful and very easy to make Kate and Rose Pattern to create this look.  This is a beginner level pattern.



My fabric choice had to be matched.  When matching patterns on your fabric it’s very important to lay the pattern pieces your matching together on your fabric. I think I did a pretty good…What you think?



Fringes to me are always so cute and can really pop any look you going for.  I added these fringes to the sleeves for that pop.


I want to that Michelle of that black chic for giving me this opportunity to be featured in your amazing magazine. This was my first feature and hopefully not the last.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again.

Photo Cred: Luke Ballentine of Moment 2 Remember

Love you mucho,


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