Hubby Wants a New Suit//Vogue 8988

Hey Guys…I know it’s been a while but IM BACCKKKKKK!!!! I took on the challenge of making my husband a 3 piece suit. Yeah I know what you’re saying. WHY? WHY? WHY? Guuurrrrl you crazy…lol

Can you make me a 3pc suit for Chicago?  uhhhhhh who me??? This is the conversation my husband and I had a few months before we went to Chicago in February. Now here I am thinking I’ve never made a mens suit…Hell, I don’t do men’s But he wanted a suit…so I’m going to be the good wife and make him one.  I was scared, nervous, and anxious all at the same time, but I was determined to put all that fear aside and go all in. Good!! Bad!! or Indifferent!!

He chose Vogue 8988 for his suit.  This was a very difficult pattern to work with , so if you choose this pattern you must have some seasoned knowledge on sewing.  I started with making a muslin of the jacket and as you can see it fit pretty well (minus the wrinkles) I cut the size 40. He wanted a slim fit look so I altered the back seams for a more slimming look.



I hand basted the canvas at the shoulder and under arm.  Was this right?? I had no idea but it seemed right at the The purpose of the canvas is to give the jacket body and structure.


This collar was something serious.  I looked on what I call “YouTube University” to learn about collars. I hand basted the collar and got a very nice roll.  I was very proud of this When it was time to attach the collar…Now that’s a different story!!

My husband decided he wanted knit pockets. It was a great touch!


The vest was made using Simplicity 1506.  I am so happy with the way the pants and vest turned out.  It looks like it was made for him..Right??



This jacket was my kryptonite. I have never sewn a tailored jacket.  The collar and lapel were not suppose to look like this but I wanted to show my mistakes and let you know that this is how we learn. I must say he makes this jacket look like the BOMB.COM if I do say so myself!!




I am so happy I took the time to do this 3pc suit for my husband.  It really tested my sewing skills and taught me a lot about making a men’s tailored suit.  Will I do it again? Yes I would. Why? Because this is how we get better at mastering our craft.

Thank you so much for visiting.

Tisa Taylor

16 thoughts on “Hubby Wants a New Suit//Vogue 8988

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  1. Mistakes or not, what’s most important is that your husband loves the beautiful handmade suit his wife made and that it is totally and functionally wearable. You did great!


  2. Looks good!!! You got to start somewhere! Keep at it and soon you will be there with your eyes closed!! My first jacket was a challenge too!


  3. Wow! Amazing! Thank you for sharing. I am motivated by you to now take on this venture but I couldn’t build up the courage. My hubby has the confidence in me which I do not have in myself, but you have surely have inspired me. You did a drop-dead gorgeous job!


    1. Thank you Barbara….I’m so happy this has motivated you to take on the challenge. I know you can do it!! Take your time and focus and you will produce an amazing suit for hubby!!


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